A personal journey through life

Amazing home made pastries.

I love making pastries they are one of my favourite pieces of food. They don’t sell a lot around here so I like to have them homemade. They taste amazing. The jams I usually use are Apricot and Blueberry and if I can, raspberry with powdered sugar on the top. The pastries up close. I […]

Cheap highlighter does the job

A few days ago I bought a brand new highlighter. It works perfectly, it wasn’t expensive, all I have to do is add more than one layer and I have my highlight. I wasn’t expecting it to work because it was cheap makeup but it was exactly what I needed. The gorgeous highlighter. The highlighter. […]

ISADORA makeup products.

I have only been using ISADORA makeup for about a year now. In a Youtube video, i did a review about ISADORA lip gloss which was one of my first ISADORA Products. I personally love ISADORA. It doesn’t ruin my skin and it’s not too expensive. These are my two main ISADORA products. I will […]

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